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A few things about me... 

Hi! My name is Stelios Kyriakides and I am a Greek - Cypriot commercial photographer from Nicosia, Cyprus currently living on the beautiful rock of Gibraltar. 

My passion for photography commenced at a very early age, with it playing a large part in my life since childhood when my father would wander around with a camera in his hands at all times 'documenting' my family's life through photos and video.

One of my other main interests in life found me furthering my studies in business and finance and after joining in Cyprus as a financial coordinator, I was asked to head a new office which was set up by the company in Gibraltar. Here is where my love for photography was cemented due to the abundance of bewitching landscapes which can be found in this little town, as well as in surrounding Spain and Portugal. Additionally, this is where I met my wife who works here as a local general practitioner. During my time in Gibraltar I decided to attend university in the United Kingdom to obtain a Masters degree in Finance and Risk Management which enabled me to become involved with numerous exciting photography projects before returning to work for an international financial company.

My new-found business acumen, numerous years' experience in the financial industry and my love of photography made me reconsider my career path in life with the possibility of combining both passions becoming increasingly appealing and realistic. With the support of my wife and family I took the decision to launch my own photography business.

Please feel free to contact me by clicking on my email or alternatively on the phone numbers provided below. You can also follow my FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages to see more of my work or contact me via these pages too if you prefer. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site and my photography and i hope to hear from you.  


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